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 GSP(Giantsun power electronics co., Ltd) was founded in Chongqing, in 2001. There are three plants that were separately located in Shenzhen, Hunan, Chongqing. Our company professional is development/design/production/sales power supplier and have many years design experience of aviation/telecommunication/industry/medical/household and similar power supply. In addition, the plant's area is 40000 m2, more than 800 employees, monthly capacity is more than 3 million, monthly capacity could be expanded to 7 million. In order to meet customer's demand, we have had passed through the ISO9001/ISO14001/OHSAS18001 system certification, as well as domestic & international product certification of CCC/CQC/UL/GS/CE/FCC/PSE/TUV/S-mark/TSI and so on.
We have more than 1000 categories power supply products, the main products involved with set-top box power,LED drive power, general adapter, charger. Thereinto STB power series including cable set-top box(DVB-C), satellite set-top box(DVB-S/ABS-S),internet set-top box(DVB-IP),network set-top box, ground receiving set-top box(DVB-T), PVR etc..  General adapter series can be used to digital communication, tablet personal computer, STB, small household, medical, audio & video, telecommunication etc.. Charger series can be used to mobile phone, model airplane, remote control toy, mobile lighting equipment, electric car, electric equipment, instrument etc..  And moreover, could develop special product for client's demand.
Our company have a professional team who were engaged in R&D and management. There are more than 80 technical personnel of R&D and engineering, including Doctor/Master/Undergraduate above. The R&D staff cooperating with Shenzhen/Hunan/Chongqing plant, fully guarantee design/development/manufacture products to meet customer's demand, to service customers with more quality products.
Giantsun electronics(GSP)is the synonym of high-tech/high efficiency/high quality, have leading technology and vigorous development sustainable business, is your trusted high quality team!

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