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Industrial position

1. The company’s output of STB power supplies topped 6,000,000 sets in2007;

2. The company’s output of STB power supplies topped 7,500,000 sets in 2008;

3. Sales in domestic market reach 4,500,000 sets, taking up a market share of above 30%;

4. Sales in overseas market reach 1,500,000 sets, taking up an export market share of 5% in Taiwan and Mainland China;

5. Seven of the 10 manufacturers topped in China STB sales are our customers.

Technical advantages

1. Products may be custom-made by the company’s R&D team that has abundant R&D and engineering experience;

2. The company has cooperated with Chongqing University in the study of STB power supply frontier-technology, several of which have got the mass production capacity;

3. The company has accumulated experience for the production of 81,100,000 IPTV STB power supplies, ranking first in China;

4. Pioneered in development of the real mode standby technology, with more than one year ahead of the Euro-American industry standard.

Manufacturing capacity

1. Shenzhen factory: with a covered area of 3500m2 ;

2. Chongqing factory: with a covered area of 1200m2;

3. Hunan factory: with a covered area of 35000m2;

4.monthly production of 3,000,000 sets

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